Ready for a Fashion Revolution?

•May 16, 2011 • 1 Comment

I am absolutely 100% DETERMINED to make sure my high school sees what true fashion is so they can realize it’s okay to wear the in-trends. For most teens, the trends sometimes seem a little too “risky” to wear to school, but I, frankly, don’t understand who came up with what to wear and what not to wear to school in the first place? Also, being fashionable is NOT WEIRD. It shocks me to see someone that dresses up now and then is mostly considered strange? These kids need to look in the mirror before they put out any of their opinions! I’m sick of seeing others being criticized for expressing their personality in a fashionable sense. There is a need for change! I am hoping this upcoming summer I can get some in-trend and some “exotic” pieces I will be able to wear back to school in the fall and I will do it proudly! I also hope the officers of fashion club can make a difference and get the fashion club members siding with our revolution as well! I just want to show these kids its okay to be stylish, so who’s with me?!


Oh, What A Model Will Do…

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It makes me wonder what models do to get so skinny, I mean how can they deal with starving themselves?! After doing some research, I got an answer that shocked me quite a bit. I found out that they will actually soak cotton balls in orange juice then swallow them whole! This causes them to feel full for long periods of time but if they did eat,  the food would absorb into the cotton balls and continue to expand in their stomachs. They would get so large they would have to get their stomachs pumps on a regular basis! They have caught millions of models doing this, like Ford models and even Coach models. It’s also very popular in Europe. It surprises me the lengths they will go for their career. Even though I model, I plan to go the healthy way about it which includes eating right and exercising regularly. Besides, those models look sickly rather than in shape!

Would you rather…?

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So as far as the Grammy Awards for 2011 go, there were some major disasters for sure! But what I want to know is which disaster would you rather be seen in? I know most of us feel we would never make mistakes as these stars do but the majority of us probably would do the same thing! Let’s take a poll, which star would you rather be in situations like this? Rihanna’s frizzy, unflattering and revealing mess? Or Nicki Minaj’s wild dead animal disaster? You decide! Below are your choices as well as some terrifying pictures!

Couture For Cancer!

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This weekend I was given the AWESOME oppurtunity to participate in the Couture for Cancer runway show as a runway model. This was such a great experience and it felt good to do something for the cause. We raised so much money in the event! The way it worked was designers created a collection based on cell research done by the scientists involved. The colors of the different cancer cells inspired the colors and patterns of the garments. It was extremely interesting to see what they came up with and the show was very high fashion, high tech. I was also given the honor of being the Grande Finale! I looked really wild and had peacock feathers coming out of my head! I loved every second of it and had an amazing time. (: I think they should do more events like this to raise money for research, just think of how much farther we could go! Here’s some pictures of the event.

Boys…Boys… BOYS!

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So lately I realized as I’m walking around school that the boys in my highschool need all the fashion help they can get! It honestly shocks me to see really how much help is needed. Men don’t realize that they CAN be stylish and still be just as macho as before! (It actually would make them more attractive, and I know I’m not just speaking for myself!) If, and WHEN I see a guy at school that has a sense of style I know that I have to get to know them and they already have scored points with me. I have only seen a few guys with the sense of style I like to go for; which would be a guy who dresses beachy and laid back. Here is just an example of a style I, personally, would like more guys to go for in my highschool. What’s your perfect boyfriend style?

Tribal Trends

•May 9, 2011 • 1 Comment

So, recently the trends chart has been bursting with tribal inpsirations! I personally love this because I am absolutely IN LOVE with the culture. I love all the African and Indian prints and I am truly inspired by all the patterns and colors they use. The style is simply beautiful and I think it’s here to stay for a while! Almost every store has tribal attire of some sort or clothing influenced by the tribal look. Some stores I like to shop at are Forever 21, Obey, Rue 21, American Eagle, Urban Outfitters and to my advantage, new stores are opening in the local mall that are all about this type of fashion!

She’s Gone Country!

•May 9, 2011 • 1 Comment

Yes, it’s true that I have fallen in love with the whole country culture ever since the Kenny Chesney concert I attended a few weeks ago! It was the first “real” concert I’ve ever been to and I’m glad it was that one(he is amazing!). Seeing everyone in their full-on country attire really inspired me as well. The people are so genuine about their style and I love it. I, of course, did my best to fit in with what I had in my closet but I still felt out of place. Now that I have a newfound love for the genre, I want to start dressing the part. This means I  REALLY want a pair of cowgirl boots! They are adorable with almost anything and really give that old-country feel. I hope to get some soon, I just need to find the right store to go!